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Who Are We

BAWiB is deeply saddened to report the passing of Jean Pauline on Nov 23, 2016. Her obituary can be found at the following link:

Bay Area Women in Black are Jews and allies in the United States who stand against militaristic and fundamentalist leadership in all countries, including our own. We are committed to nonviolent resistance against injustice, believing that all people have the right to security, home, education, justice and freedom. We are part of the international movement of Women in Black, a transnational network of feminist activists which includes women of many ethnic and national backgrounds who cooperate across these and other differences. Our international solidarity is an expression of the political decision to attempt to create a moral and ethical way to live our interconnected lives.

Our central focus is working non-violently to end the Israeli Occupation which we believe is a violation of human rights and international law. Only a just resolution of this conflict can bring peace and security for Israelis, Palestinians and the whole Middle East community. We challenge the key role of the United States government's support of the Occupation through financial and military aid which threatens global security and widens militarism in the Middle-East.

We wear black and stand in public space in silence as a symbol of sorrow-- for all victims of war, of religious, political and nationalistic struggles around the world and as a way to transform women's mourning for the dead into a powerful refusal of the inevitability of war. Together we educate, inform and influence public opinion, and work cooperatively to create a future for our children, grandchildren and the earth.

Read our statement of solidarity with the people of Gaza, the West Bank, Israel and Lebanon.

BAWIB is concerned about the the recent (summer 2015) dispute between organizations and individuals within our movement. Read BAWIB's statement concerning this dispute.

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Some of you may be confused by a group that calls itself 'Oakland Women in Black'.

Our observation of this group tells us that it is the same as San Francisco Voice for Israel, a pro-Israel group which opposes BAWIB's criticism of the policies of the Israeli government and military. We believe that SF Voice for Israel's use of the name 'Oakland Women in Black' is a masquerade. The positions of SF Voice for Israel are contrary to those of Women in Black around the world.

BAWIB is not anti-Israel. BAWIB believes Israel's occupation is wrong and deprives Palestinians of basic human rights. BAWIB calls for the end of the occupation and its violent effects on Israelis and Palestinians.

Check out this short video of Women in Black around the world and the messages they convey.