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Palestine/ Israel Reports

Sandra Butler's Letters from Israel/Palestine now available

We invite you to read Sandra's letters. These reports from a Jewish/American feminist activist in Israel/Palestine were written during April, May, and June of 2006. The first documents a visit to the abandoned Palestinian town of Lifta. The second describes a demonstration of support for schoolchildren menaced by settlers in Hebron. The third includes both a report on the work of Machsom Watch and a demonstration in Aram. The fourth describes travels through what remains of East Jerusalem and meeting with Hamas. The fifth reports a visit to Ramallah to meet with an aid organization and the subsequent return through the Qalandia checkpoint. The sixth report documents Palestinian organizations struggling to provide medical, psychological, informational, and democratic resources to people under siege. The final letter contains three checkpoint stories. We've also posted The Heart of the Matter written in 2005 after Sandra Butler's return from Israel/Palestine to attend the International Women in Black Conference. This piece was originally published in Turning Wheel: Journal of Socially Engaged Buddhism. You are free to circulate them with attribution. Both BAWIB and Sandy welcome your responses, feedback, questions and suggestions for organizing efforts. You can contact us at


We are delighted to let you know that the DVD of our Report Back from the International Women in Black Conference held in Jerusalem last August is now completed and ready for distribution. The 50-minute video describes the political and personal impacts of our travels through the West Bank as well as the richness of our experience meeting with over 700 women from 40 countries. We are hoping this DVD will be useful in classrooms, community groups and organizations as a springboard for deeper and more complex discussions.

We are asking a donation of $15.00 per DVD--more if you can, less if you can't. Donations will be used to cover the cost of production and mailing. Checks should be made payable to Bay Area Women in Black and mailed to Barbara Zoloth, 1726A Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA 94703. Please be sure to clearly indicate the address to which you would like the DVD mailed. Specify if you prefer a VHS videotape.

If you'd like one or more of the BAWIB women in the video to attend a screening and be available for discussion and questions, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact us with your schedule and location.