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Black Friday Flyer 2012: What Not to Buy and Why

Hampshire College Divests

Six Reasons to End U.S. Military Aid to Israel

Remembering the Nakba

Consequences of the Occupations

No Way Home

A World Cut in Two

An April Surprise, April 2008

The Wall, 28 Jun 08

Scuttling the Peace Process, 25 May 08

More on the Wall 2008

Opposition to the Occupation

Mahmoud Darwish

Stand in Silence Against the Israeli Occupation

Poor Prospects for Peace

6 Reasons to End Military Aid to Israel

Israel's Misuse of U.S. Tax Dollars

Two Israeli Lies About the Assault on Gaza

President Obama and Israel/Palestine

Peace Demonstration Dec 29, 2009

AIPAC's Influence

U.S. Tax Dollars in Israel2009

U.S. Military Aid to Israel

UC Berkeley Divestment

Racial Profiling in Israel

Israeli Occupation

Israeli Settlements 2009

Forty-Three Years of Occupation

Stolen Land, Stolen Childhood

Deadly Israeli Response to Peaceful Protest 1/2011

End U.S. Tax-Exempt Funding for Israeli Settlements

Ethnic Cleansing and the Jewish National Fund 5/2011

Palestinian Women in Israeli Prisons 5/21/2011

Israel in the Gardens 6/5/2011 (Organized jointly with Jewish Voice for Peace)

The Peace Process and the Palestine Papers 7/2011

Recent Israeli Law Diminishes Democracy 8/2011

No Home, No Homeland: East Jerusalem Ethnic Displacment 10/31/11

The Children Speak: Palestinian Minors in Israel's Prisons 10/30/11

U.S. Military Aid to Israel: Breaking Our Own Laws

Not Just Caterpillar

Justice for Rachel: What You Can Do


Crisis in Gaza

Gaza 03 Jan 09

Stand in Silence for People of Gaza

Israeli Coalition Against the Siege on Gaza



Gaza Flotilla


White Phosphorus

Gaza Freedom March

Israel's Half-Hearted Response to International Outrage

Israelis Murdered Nine on Gaza Flotilla

Iraq War

Appropriating More Money for the War in Iraq Is No Way To End It!

End the US Occupation of Iraq

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Iraq Today Is a Waking Nightmare

Consequences of the Occupations

They Lied Last Time.  They're Lying Now!

Ten Reasons Why the U.S. Must  Leave Iraq

Military Families Speak Out

Moms In Oakland Protest

Is Iran Next?, 12 Jul 08

Women and Militarism

Lives of Women Under Occupation

The History of Mother's Day


End the Occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine

Give the Gift of Peace

Occupation = Violence 12/2010